Stories of Success

Enjoy these stories of people who decisively took steps and succeeded in their organizing goals.  You can too!

Wendi reached out for help with her very large walk-in closet because she felt overwhelmed and defeated.  She stated, “I do not want to go into this closet—it is a nightmare and overwhelming and hard to find anything.  I hold onto things thinking about how much it was originally, the value it has now, holding onto it for my daughter, wanting to sell it, etc.”  Wendi felt at a loss and was “holding on to all these things that may not even fit me or my lifestyle now.”  She was looking for someone to come alongside her to “make me even go in there to address this issue and get rid of more things.” 


So, in one four-hour session we worked together and cleared everything off the floor, wiped shelves, matched and arranged shoes, and removed multiple bags of items for donation.  Wendi felt relieved and inspired to continue on her own with work that remained.  She expressed, “You got me started and I got rid of much more!  Thank you for all of your help!!” (The photos show before/after of our four-hour session.)



Walk-in closet

Pat contacted me to assist on her path to “enoughness.” She shared that, “Life stress has stalled my actions toward minimalism, and I would like some expert help.”  In one work session we fine-tuned four closets, removed old paints for recycling, and gathered items for donation.  

The day after our session, Pat expressed in an email, “I am enjoying seeing my organized closets, plural! Thanks for igniting some momentum for me.”  And five days later, Pat sent pictures of her organized garage along with this note, “Thanks for getting me going on this. Voila! Wanted to share this with someone who would truly appreciate my joy in seeing this cleanup and organizing of my garage.”




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