Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger


Do you have a tiny room that you wish looked bigger? It’s easy to maximize the space you have by first decluttering the space. The removal of excess “stuff” will always make an area appear larger and more lovely. Then, go a step further by following these tips to make a room look bigger. By applying a few easy tricks, you’ll create the illusion of more space! 


Declutter: Less stuff always looks better. So put away everything that is out of place in your room. Make good use of hidden storage, whether it’s within a piece of furniture or tucked tidily inside a pretty basket or storage box. Once the room is tidy, take a fresh look at what’s left. You likely don’t even recognize the random or decorative clutter in your space because it becomes visual “background noise.” Start fresh. Pull everything off shelves, counters, and tabletops, and place these items in a large box. Then, re-decorate your room by returning only half of the trinkets, frames, and knick-knacks. Create lovely and open shelf displays and tablescapes that have fewer items on them to create the illusion of more space. Leave an empty area on all flat surfaces for the eyes to “rest.”


Lighten up: Lighter colors help spaces feel more airy and open. If you’re in the mood to paint, opt for a shade that is light and lovely. If you have adjacent rooms that don’t have a barrier (doors, walls) between each other, maintain the same paint color for a better flow. The open-concept space needs consistency in color! When selecting accents for the room, stick to just a couple colors for a calming effect. And don’t forget the power of mirrors. Hang one strategically to bounce light around and trick the eye into seeing more space.


Choose furniture wisely: Opt for glass tabletops and lucite chairs, smaller-scale furniture, and unfussy patterns on sofa, chairs, and rugs. Look for clean lines whenever possible. Choose sofas and chairs with legs showing. Heavy, upholstered furniture that rests directly upon the floor can appear too bulky for small spaces. Look for multi-functional pieces of furniture, such as an ottoman that opens to hold blankets or games. When in doubt, less furniture in a space will always make it look larger. Resist the urge to push furniture up against walls. Let it float out a bit, and allow some to be angled rather than having everything at right-angles.


Go tall: Hang curtains a bit higher than usual, and the ceiling will appear higher as well! And rather than heavy drapes, try sheer or light-colored curtains. Or opt for no curtains for a cleaner look and install roller, bamboo, or Roman shades instead.


Give these tips a try and watch your small space become magically larger!


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